Shipping, World Trade and the Reduction of CO2 Emissions

Author(s)                 ICS
Publisher ICS
Date 2013
Pages 6
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   This booklet contains the useful materials of UN "Framework Convention on Climate Change", that is directly relating to the reduction of the CO2, i.e. carbon dioxide, emissions, as applied to the shipping industry. It was released by the ICS. There are following short articles contained in this leaflet - UNFCCC Must support IMO, International Shipping - Servant of World Trade, Reducing Shipping's CO2, CO2 Reduction Measures for Shipping Should Be Led by IMO, IMO Agreement on CO2 Technical Rules, Taking Account of CBDR, IMO Is Also developing Market Based Measures, IMO's Track Record on Environmental Regulation, explaining how Shipping Is Shipping Its Carbon Dioxide Emissions, Alternative Fuel Sources. The maritime industry of today is considered responsible for approximately ninety percent of all world trade and is therefore critically important to the normal functioning of the economy. It is quite obvious that without shipping, the trade between continents, transportation of raw materials and both import and export of affordable gods and food would not be possible. The availability of the maritime transportation, its relatively low cost and also high efficiency made the industrial development in Asia and other emerging economies possible...

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