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   ShipSure is an in house designed application, specifically built for the Shipping Industry. It is constructed as a modular system. Clients can choose which modules they wish to implement – depending on the nature of their business. ShipSure has been designed to run on-ship and on-shore. Using the ship-based modules allows the Master, Chief engineer and other sea staff to enter information directly into the system – with obvious advantages. Databases on board ship and in the shore offices are synchronised using a unique combination of industry-standard messaging systems and ship-board communications systems, including Satcom A, B, mM & F. This System allows data entry to be carried out at both ship and office (or in multiple offices) in the knowledge that all users will see the same data once the system has run its scheduled synchronisation processes. Details of vessel particulars are stored including regulatory information, flag requirements and technical information. Vessel certificates are recorded, updated and at a glance out of date certificates are displayed. The vessel reporting module incorporates: Noon reports, port reports and position list Vessel performance monitoring and analysis Running Hours and consumption figures.

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