Spoken English - A Self-Learning Guide to Conversation Practice

Author(s)                 V. Sasikumar, P. V. Dhamija
Publisher Tata McGraw-Hill
Date 2993
Pages 202
Format pdf
Size 3.8 Mb

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   A course in spoken English language may be presented in either "what to say" or "how to say" form. As a rule, the first of the forms usually focuses on English conversation and teaches how to ask questions, get things done, make requests, express greetings, apologies, farewells, thanks, etc. And the "how to say" form of course deals mostly with English pronunciation and aims to teach the reader the proper pronunciation of English words, phrases and sentences. Most of the books on spoken English belong to one or the other of these two kinds. This publication, however, deals with spoken English language in both aspects at the same time. This book consists of twenty units, with each of them beginning with a conversation or dialogue - they are to be read carefully by the students before proceeding to the main material of the unit. In fact, this publication is mainly addressed to the students of English who are familiar with the general structure of this language but experience difficulties with communication, and speaking in particular. No other pre-qualification is required. The aim of this volume is to improve the pronunciation of the learners as well as their colloquial usage making it a bit easier for them to communicate effectively.

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