Step 7 in 7 Steps - A Practical Guide to Implementing S7-300 S7-400 PLC

Author(s)                 Clarence T. Jones
Publisher Patrick-Turner Publishing
Date 2006
Pages 464
Format pdf
Size 44.7 Mb

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   It is easy to say that this new book is for anyone involved with S7-300/S7-400 and SIMATIC NET networks, but in fact, this is the case. If you are a controls engineer, responsible for design and programming, a maintenance technician, an applications engineer, or sales representative, you'll find that this book provides much useful information. The book offers significant coverage of configuration concepts, addressing memory and I/O. programming in STEP 7, defining network configurations, as well as a guide to using the tools for monitoring the program, and diagnosing problems in the hardware, software, or in the process. If you are a controls or applications engineer, your work will likely involve both configuring the hardware and programming for S7-300/S7-400 and SIMATIC networks. You'll find examples ot the most typical configurations, as well as an explanation for various module parameters. In most cases, you'll find that the default parameters are generally usable, but you will learn how to obtain different operational behavior in the CPU and other modules. The Chapter on Working with STEP 7 Programs and Data is a great reference for learning about program design, data types and formats, instruction sets, and how to write code for Functions (FCs) and Function Blocks (FBs). You'll also learn the basics for structuring a program and calling blocks.

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