Storm and Conquest - The Battle for the Indian Ocean 1808-10

Author(s)                 Stephen Taylor
Publisher Faber and Faber
Date 2008
Pages 400
Format epub
Size 6.8 Mb

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   The Indian Ocean was the very final battlefield for the Admiral Nelson's and French Navy fleets. The book by Stephen Taylor provides a close look at several important historical figures. The author has prepared a truly superb work of naval history. The book will be found great by all people who like the general naval history and fans of Napoleonic because its content is really well documented presenting a deep and thorough research performed by the author. Top rated, this book provides readers with wealth of valuable and interesting information on the subject. The content is well-written and covers one of the most interesting periods of naval history. You will read this book not as a document but rather as a very fascinating sea novel and great an idea of the list history of Great Britain and France of the times of Napoleonic wars in the Indian Ocean. The publication may definitely be considered to be a very consummate account of the British confused approach to the colonial responsibilities of the subject time period. The accounts of heroes and villains of those times have been intensified in this volume through the remarkably detailed referencing to the actual papers and historical documents. We would recommend this book as a great read for the adventure buffs as they will enjoy all materials contained.

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