Technology for Developing Marginal Offshore Oilfields


D. A. Fee and J. O'Dea
 Publisher Taylor & Francis
 Date 2005
 Pages 241
 Format pdf
 Size 2.9 Mb

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The idea to compile the publication containing the comprehensive review of all technologies that are currently available for developing the marginal offshore fields, appeared out from the original report commissioned with the ultimate intention to undertake for the IDE, standing for the Irish Dept of Energy. This Department looked for the technical information covering all available options for developing of the relatively small accumulations of oil in the Irish area, plus the available systems, and new technical developments considered likely to get implemented in the following decades plus the approximate developing costs. The authors of this report discovered that there was no any other publication directly addressing those topics comprehensively; the content of this report is therefore aimed to give required coverage in a manner that would be intelligible to general reader. Since it's not possible to fully cover all design aspects of all systems in a single volume thus the authors have provided some references for the persons wishing to get deeper insight in particular areas. The document is covering the elements of the development scheme, existing technology for the development, costs/economics of the marginal fields, and other issues.

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