Testing and Balancing HVAC Air and Water Systems

Author(s)                  Samuel C. Sugarman
Publisher Fairmont Press
Date 2014
Pages 389
Format pdf
Size 3.6 Mb

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   This content of the present volume is mainly based on the field and teaching experience of the author in testing of the various types of HVAC systems, their balancing, design and evaluation. There are two basic methods of balancing. One method is balancing from the terminals back to the fan or pump. This method is proportional balancing. It was during a job at a nuclear power plant many years ago that I first started using the proportional method that I have outlined in this text. As we could not get enough experienced balancing technicians for the project, I began instructing sheet metal mechanics with little or no balancing background in proportional balancing. I found that the proportional method was quickly learned in a classroom setting and then applied to the field. The proportional method follows a scientific approach with quite predictable results, it also establishes a starting point and allows others with proportional balancing experience to take over the balancing when there is a need for that, large systems are balanced quicker, and the least resistance is imposed on the system while delivering air or water to the terminals at design or at the highest possible flow quantities... The author has continued to teach the presented method in his classes, seminars and in-house training programs and now with the СТАВ program with great success...

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