The Basics of Pipes and Bends on Ships

Author(s)                 Anish Wankhede, Raunek Kantharia
Publisher MarineInsight
Date 2012
Pages 32
Format pdf
Size 1.2 Mb

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   As it is implied by the title, this publication prepared and distributed by the professionals of the world popular and famous Marine Insight community, is mainly dedicated to the piping found on board ships and other floating structures. In fact, it is a brilliant compilation of series of interesting articles on this subject prepared written by one of the contributors of the website. The marine engineer is responsible for all operations taking place in the engine room of the vessel and of the proper watchkeeping. As a rule, marine engineer shall have a very good technical knowledge of all piping and fittings installed on his ship - this applies to both new construction and repair works. Sometimes it makes difficulty for the people to distinguish between tubes and pipes. It shall be noted that, though the meanings are quite similar, these terms are not synonyms. The difference is based on the fundamental rules of pipes and tubes nomenclature. In short, this publication will be of great interest to people involved in the new construction of the ships, maintenance and necessary repair of the ship's pipeworks. The book has been divided into five major chapters addressing basics of the pipes, pipe bends and elbows, types of nipple, adapters and tees, and miscellaneous pipe fittings.

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