The carriage of dangerous goods by sea


Meltem Deniz Guner-Ozbek
 Publisher Springer
 Date 2008
 Pages 352
 Format pdf
 Size 1.1 Mb

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Today, the number and amount of the dangerous cargoes carried by sea is increases every year. The newly established international technical standards have been adopted as an obvious result of the serious worldwide concern with the transportation risk which is posed by the significantly increased frequency of transportation events. In addition to all stated above, the environmental awareness and recent concern with financial implication of marine casualties resulted in the new regulations of compensation and liability. The maritime transportation of such goods focuses mostly on damage or loss of cargoes. For sure, there are so many popular books, technical articles and discussions on this matter; however, the issue of damage or loss from the goods has always been paid little to no attention. The six major chapters of this book address the regulations related to the carriage of the dangerous goods, meaning of such goods, duties of all parties involved in the cargo transportation, their liabilities and rights, limitation of liability and insurance, and 3rd-party liability for the damage that is arising from the marine transportation of HNS, i.e. hazardous and noxious substances. The history of marine transportation of dangerous cargoes is very old and the dangers involved have grown with the development of new technologies and with the passage of time...

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