The Colonial Merchantman Susan Constant

Author(s) Brian Lavery
Publisher Conway Maritime Press
Date 1988
Pages 120
Format pdf
Size 63 Mb







This book by Brian Lavery aims to continue the world famous Anatomy of the Ship series and is dedicated to the Susan Constant  - the vessel which played maybe one of the most important roles in the world history. It shows the detailed look of the author at the construction and life of this merchant ship. Susan Constant was the lead vessel of the three which founded in Virginia colony in 1607 - and this was exactly how the first successful permanent English-speaking colony in America was established. She made her voyage across Atlantic Ocean 13 years before the May Flower, and, therefore, can definitely claim to have brought the founding fathers of the USA.

This publication will be very useful for naval history enthusiasts as well as for ship modelers. In fact, this book is not too typical to the Anatomy of the Ship series in that the authors did not go too deep into technical details. They rather tried to "generalize" the line drawings of the ship science no actual records do exist for this one. However, the research work conducted by Lavery and the history are great and the book is very interesting to read even for the people outside of naval history - the way stories are told is really fascinating.

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