The Command of the Ocean - A Naval History of Britain 1649–1815

Author(s)                 N. A. M. Rodger
Publisher Penguin Books
Date 2006
Pages 976
Format epub
Size 2.8 Mb

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   The publication by N. Rodger is intended to describe with a truly unprecedented scholarship and authority the Britain's rise to the naval greatness and also to demonstrate the central place and critically important role of the Navy fleet and naval activities in the lives of the nations. The content of the book has been developed on the basis of the experience and the results obtained in the course of numerous researches conducted by the author over past decade. Note that the author describes not only battles and voyages as well as the battle cruisers but also how exactly the Navy fleet of Britain was manned and supplied, how it was fed and, what is also very important, how exactly it was directed and financed. The author has provided readers with the convincing reassessment of the famous historical figures. he has very illuminatingly contrasted all distinct and particular qualities of Collingwood and Nelson. Another intention of the author was to demonstrate people that , if they do not have a good understanding of the importance of naval history of Britain, they will never be able to fully understand Britain. The content of the volume is arranged in chapters by theme with a very broad periods of time. The book contains twenty-four pages of illustrations together with the statistical appendices and a very valuable Glossary of terms.

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