The Construction and Fitting of the English Man of War 1650-1850

Author(s)                 Peter Goodwin
Publisher Naval Institute Press
Date 1987
Pages 286
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Size 49.6 Mb

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   The present study was prepared and released with the original intention of its author, Peter Goodwin, to provide the readers with the precise and very detailed info relating to the construction and fitting of the English naval vessels of the period 1650-1850. According to many reviews done by the naval history enthusiasts, the volume is an outstanding reference source for any person with the need for the detailed info on those warships. The text part of the book has been profusely illustrated with the drawings plus photographs of the models of the vessels as well as of those in physical existence. The author of this title has managed to cover every single aspect of the hull construction and also provided detailed technical description of both internal and external hull fittings. And, particular and close attention has been paid to the changes and developments over the years - they have been provided along with the approximate dates at which they have been generally accepted. Another unique feature of this book is that it provides numerous extensive data tables as well as the formulas allowing readers to perform the accurate reconstruction of the dimensions of the warships together with the correct placement of the hull components for a very broad range of vessel types and sizes. We would recommend this publication to be contained in the working library of any person with the interest in construction and workings of the English naval ships of the past.

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