The Dynamics of Marine Craft Maneuvering and Seakeeping

Author(s)                 Edward M. Lewandowski
Publisher World Scientific Pub Co Inc.
Date 2000
Pages 300
Format pdf
Size 13.5 Mb

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   This work was prepared by Edward Lewandowski, and it provides the players fo the marine industry with probably the best theoretical treatment of the marine craft dynamics. The materials directly concerned with this matter have all been rendered approachable. The author has presented a good professional treatments of the forces/moments acting on the marine crafts, aiming to give readers the necessary instruments to conduct proper prediction of the marine craft motions both in calm water condition and in waves. In addition to the development of the relevant equations, he has also provided the existing relations permitting a minimum approximate evaluations of the associated coefficients to obtain the useful results. Such approach is starting with the motion equations being applied to the rigid bodies, relative to both fixed- and moving coordinate systems, followed by the examination of the hydrodynamic forces, hydrostatics and then progressing to the forces acting on the moving craft in various sea conditions. The author has also included several practical examples including hydrostatic calculations, directional stability, and also the wave-induced motions plus useful discussions on fin-hull interactions and heavy torpedoes, dynamics of the HSC and numerical stability etc.

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