The Electronic Chart Display and Information System (ECDIS) - An Operational Handbook


Adam Weintrit
 Publisher CRC Press
 Date 2009
 Pages 894
 Format pdf
 Size 298 Mb

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Though the electronic ship navigation is relatively new area, it is becoming more and more common, and this particularly relates to the commercial shipping. The present title by Adam Weintrit was prepared to offer its readers a real wealth of detailed data and information covering the various systems of nautical charting, showing how they operate and answering the most of the frequently asked questions related to the various electronic charts such as the RNC, ENC or DNC and associated systems like ECDIS and ECS. This is the very first resource providing so much details covering all facets of ECS and ECDIS and it will definitely service as the true Bible for the users of ECDIS. Note that this publication not only provides required technical information to be used for the training programs but shall also be used by the practicing engineers engages in the field maintenance of the ECDIS. In addition, the volume will present a specific practical interest to the people required to know about the selection and implementation, as well as the operational use and benefits of the above mentioned systems. The management matters have also been covered in this publication. The authors preferred not to go too deep into the purely technical details of actual construction and working principles of ECDIS.

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