The Evolution of Naval Armament


Frederick Leslie Robertson
 Publisher Constable & Company Ltd.
 Date 1921
 Pages 307
 Format pdf
 Size 22.4 Mb

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   The present book was originally prepared by the prominent Engineer Commander of the Royal British Navy, Mr. Frederick Leslie Robertson. In his brilliant work he tried to trace the whole process of evolution of the smooth-bore guns, rifle guns, shell guns, carronades together with the machinery propelling them, during the "age of fighting sail" and up to the introduction of the ironclads. This document is perfectly detailed; it is including the expert appraisals of the different technical developments that did take over the period covered, in a very accessible style of writings. In fact, the content of this remarkable title presents an excellent and professional study of the naval artillery in the historical period 1500-1870. It consists of more than three hundred pages of valuable information supplemented with numerous technical drawings providing some additional information. The book was first released almost a century ago; however, the information and data included by the author in his volume allows it to retain the popularity among the naval historians, naval warfare experts, enthusiasts and all other categories of readers all around the world. We recommend this book to all people who are willing to get more knowledge about the naval armament of the past times and its evolution.

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