The Flower Class Corvette Agassiz

Author(s)                 Capt. Patrick R. M. Toomey, Capt. Michael Lloyd, David J. House, David Dickins
Publisher Witherby Seamanship International
Date 2010
Pages 396
Format pdf
Size 34.7 Mb

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  One more good book with so much of finest technical information and so many detailed drawings on the Agassiz. We would highly recommend this publication to people who are willing to get some better knowledge of the inside and outside of this type of vessel. In fact, this book is a complete technical work performed by the authors, John McKay and John Harland, on the Flower Class corvette. The draftsmanship in this book is perfect, and every frame, beam and strength member is depicted in detail. This book will be invaluable for the naval history fans as well as for the modelers. Talking about Flower class vessels, they were legendary and typified the war against the submarines of Hitler's fleet. Featuring a novel whale catcher design, those ships were pressed into service as they could be built in large series and relatively fast - of course this is very important when there is a war. The amateur naval architects will find this book very useful since it contains superbly detailed and informative diagrams supplemented with twenty-eight transverse sections of the hull made in 1:96 scale. The general naval architects will appreciate the deck plans and profile views, including cross-sections of anti-submarine weapons and other related ammunition.

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