The Grammar Cracker - Unlocking English Grammar

Author(s)                 Mary Gretchen Iorio, Charles E. Beyer
Publisher Vocalis Ltd.
Date 2001
Pages 136
Format pdf
Size 1.6 Mb

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   Mary Iorio and Charles Beyer, authors of this book, have made an excellent attempt to unlock the important rules of the English grammar in a very simple and clear manner. The logical format of presentation of the material allows easy use of the book. All grammatical material included into this book has been presented in comprehensive and pretty direct terms. The authors have divided the book into eight part and included hundreds of exercises and informative examples plus notes making up the essence of this guidance.Here is a very brief contents of the booklet - Letters - alphabet, pronunciation, spelling, capitalization, shortcuts, exercises; Parts of a word and word analysis, syllables, exercises; Words - etymology, parts of speech, related words, exercises; Phrases, clauses, figures of speech, exercises; Elements of a sentence; Sentences - sentence classification, types of sentences, punctuation, exercises; More than a sentence; Essays, articles and books - theme, writing style, outlining, structure, proofreading/editing, exercises. The publication is very useful and valuable when used at all levels of learning, and can be used by both beginning and advanced students. 

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