The Great War at Sea

Author(s)                 Lawrence Sondhaus
Publisher Cambridge University Press
Date 2014
Pages 417
Format mobi, epub, opr, azw3
Size 27.8 Mb

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   The document presents a newly told naval history of the World War I revealing the major decisive contributions of the sea war to the victory of the Allied Forces. In a global account, the author of this volume, Professor Lawrence Sondhaus with the profound knowledge and understanding of the Navy, is tracing the course of the naval campaigns undertaken in the Mediterranean and Baltic Seas, Adriatic and North Seas, and Atlantic, examining the important role of the critical technical innovations i the design and operational performance of the vessels, fire power and wireless means of communication The author has charted how exactly the supremacy of the Allied Forces did lead the Central Powers to revolutionizing the naval warfare through the pursuing of the unrestricted underwater warfare, and ultimately prompting Americans to enter the war. The victory in the war against the submarines following the success in clearing the seas of Kriegsmarine cruisers, left the Allie Forces free to use the sea lanes of the world for the transportation of the supplies and people to Europe from the territories located overseas, including United Stated, and this has eventually proven to be one of the major decisive factors in the victory.

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