The Insiders Guide to Boat Cleaning and Detailing


Natalie Sears
 Publisher International Marine/McGraw-Hill
 Date 2009
 Pages 175
 Format pdf
 Size 2.8 Mb

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Cleaning the boat is not as easy and simple as scrubbing its surface away with a kitchen cleanser since wrong procedures can easily damage your boat or the environment around. The book presented to your attention is not just a stern-to-stem guidance covering literally all aspects of boat detailing and cleaning processes. It recommends readers both brand-name and quite generic boat hull cleaning and maintenance materials in order to help them make proper selections. The text materials provided in this book are supplemented with a huge number if before-and-after photographs showing readers how to keep their boats looking nice and protect their market values, how to achieve best results with minimum possible efforts and using the environmentally safe methods. how to use checklists and data tables to keep the work efficient and duly organized. The publication will definitely be very helpful for everyone owning a boat, and it makes no difference whether the reader owns a small seventeen-feet console of a large forty-five-feet cabin cruiser. The book starts with the explanation of what the oxidation is and how it affects fiberglass, providing some advice on how to protect the boat's hull from oxidation or remediate if, if already occurred...​

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