The International Law of the Shipmaster

Author(s)                  John A. C. Cartner, Richard P. Fiske, Tara L. Leiter
Publisher Informa Law from Routledge
Date 2009
Pages 786
Format pdf
Size 2.7 Mb

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   In the shipping industry, the shipmaster is often mentioned in cases, occasionally as a party and frequently in obiter dicta and is discussed in the secondary sources and reviews; however, there are usually not too many references available to follow for interesting points. In this publication by Informa the authors have placed in a single volume a survey of the law affecting the shipmaster within the jurisdictions in which he finds himself and his vessel. Note that this volume is neither about how to be a shipmasternor about the practice of shipmastering to the highest standards - it is a book placing the shipmaster in context in law, regulation, custom, and practice domestically/internationally in the various legal domains in which he might be examined. The topics addressed in the book include the doctrines of the Law of the Shipmaster and the principal domestic laws that governing the shipmaster in the UN States and the IMO; Principal References; List of Acronyms; Charterparties; Constitutions; Maritime Statutes; Convention Codes.

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