The Line of Battle - The Sailing Warship 1650-1840

Author(s)                 Robert Gardiner, Brian Lavery
Publisher Chartwell Books
Date 2000
Pages 208
Format pdf
Size 204 Mb

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   This work by Robert Gardiner and Brian Lavery (who is also the author of the Shield of Empire book) is fully dedicated to the history of the sailing warships in the period stated on the front page. It belongs to the very popular Conway's History of the Ship series and will be of great use for people interested in the naval history and the warships of the past. The book contains excellent illustrations and so many drawings, photographs and tables providing detailed information and will serve as the good reference source for enthusiasts. In addition to the main fourteen chapters, the publication also contains the Glossary for easier understanding of the terminology. The content of the publication has been restricted to the historical period between 1640 and 1840, i.e. to the time where sail was considered the major motive force for the vessels. The book has been found to be one of the best volumes available today to provide readers with a concise yet comprehensive historical overview of sailing combat together with the detailed technical information on the sailing ships that used to make up the line of battle, as well as the supporting vessels. The text of the book is excellent and filled with additional supplementary materials, such as twenty-five data tables, and nearly two hundred ship drawings and photos. One of the best sources for the people willing to get a detailed account of the technologies that shaped the history of the mankind.

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