The Regularity of the Irregular Verbs and Nouns in English

Author(s)                 Elena Even-Simkin, Yishai Tobin
Publisher John Benjamins Publishing Company
Date 2013
Pages 291
Format pdf
Size 1.5 Mb

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   This book presents an explanation for the IVA system in Plural Nominal (umlaut) ("foot-feet", "mouse-mice") and Past Tense (umlaut) verbal formations ("give-gave", "take-took"') in English. The IVA forms, which share the morphophonemic process of IVA, are considered to be irregular in Modern English, since the IVA appears in a very limited number of forms: i.e. approximately seven Noun Plurals and, approximately seventy-six "irregular" Past Tense verb forms divided into fourteen subclasses. The author of the publication uses the inductive methodology. The publication consists of seven parts. The first part is pretty introductory and provides the general overview of the concept and comparison of regular and irregular verbal and nominal forms in English language. The second part is named Background and, as it is implied by the title, it contains some historical background of different grammar systems, and also some overview of tenses. The next two parts have been dedicated to the non-irregular and phonological hypotheses. The fifth part addresses the semantic non-irregularity, while the last two parts of the book cover further evidence for both above mentioned hypotheses, and discussions/conclusions.

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