The Regulation of International Navigation through the Northern Sea Route

Author(s)                 Natalia Ergina
Publisher The Arctic University of Norway
Date 2014
Pages 55
Format pdf
Size 2 Mb

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   Today, the natural resources of the Arctic have an increasing value for commercial use resulting from economi, social, geopolitical, industrial, technological, and climate-change factors. That is why the XXI century is often called as a "Century of the Arctic". The NSR, i.e. the Northern Sea Route, is a "national transportation route of the USSR," or "historically developed national transport communication line of the Russian Federation" as is reflected in historical Soviet and now Russian legislation. This waterway has played a crucial role in opening up the Arctic for transport and commercial opportunities. It's important role for the international shipping industry, trade and economics is is rapidly increasing. It was effected by political changes governing its use and information through history. This is evident by contrasting its period of closed access for sailing by foreign flagged vessels in the times of the Soviet Union (thereafter USSR) to it's opening for international navigation after the collapse of the USSR...

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