The Roman Navy - Ships, Men and Warfare 350BC-AD475

Author(s)                 Michael Pitassi
Publisher Seaforth Publishing
Date 2012
Pages 224
Format epub
Size 21.2 Mb

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   The Roman Navy or, more accurately, the naval forces of the Romans, quite often consigned to more than a couple of paragraphs in many accounts of Roman military endeavour. In fact, it was for over 800 years one of the integral parts of the armed forces of that state of the Romans and it became the first super-power Navy of the world. It was the tool by which Rome achieved domination of the western Mediterranean region, which enabled her expansion into the areas that surrounded it and the very foundation of her empire; it was naval forces that enabled the Romans to conduct the intervention and eventually to dominate the Eastern Mediterranean region and the lands of the near east. It was a naval campaign and a sea battle that resulted in established and secured power for the very first of all Roman emperors, and it was actually the navy's domination that enabled trade and the total economy and industry of the whole empire to flourish, free from the scourge of piracy and to an extent not equalled until the twentieth century. Finally, it was the loss of that domination that was a vital factor playing critical role in the disintegration and, as a result, ending of the Western Roman Empire... A definitely must-have publication for every person having some interest in the history of Roman Empire and it's Navy forces, in particular.

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