The Royal Navy in Focus 1940-49


Mike Critchley
 Publisher Maritime Books
 Date 1984
 Pages 176
 Format pdf
 Size 96.8 Mb

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   When we produced the 1930's edition of this book we had no idea there was so much interest in the Navy of yesterday. What magnificent old warriors were photographed in that edition. Even a quick glance through will delight the enthusiast—and doubtless bring back many a memory to those who were in the Navy at that time. When comparing the Navy of this era—and that which we have today—it hardly seems possible that all the changes we see have taken place in just one generation. In this second edition we have once again collected together a portfolio from the famous Wright and Logan collection as a representative look at the Navy during the decade. We have deliberately included the old warships that would have been scrapped had it not been for the war. As can be seen, many vessels long past their prime, were retained in the Fleet and served alongside much more modern ships—with distinction. As requested by our readers we have added a "potted history" for each of the ships we have selected for this book. Many make most interesting reading. We are most grateful for the research assistance in this area given by Mr. Bob Todd of the National Maritime Museum. Most of the photographs are dated on each page after the ships name—you will see that most are post World War II. Photography was seriously curtailed during the war both for security reasons and for the lack of silver needed for the production of both photographic film and plates We trust you enjoy this second collection of historic photographs and derive as much pleasure in them as we have in selecting them for you...

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