The Rules of the Game - Jutland and British Naval Command

Author(s)                 Andrew Gordon
Publisher Naval Institute Press
Date 2013
Pages 736
Format pdf
Size 5.2 Mb

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  And here is one more interesting publication on the naval history. Though the title of this book mentions Jutland, in fact this volume is much more ambitious. Andrew Gordon, the author of the present great work, has used that famous naval battle as the top exhibit to demonstrate the evolution of the British Navy. He also provides an excellent professional explanation of the Admiral Tryon's navy campaign. At the very first glance, this publication is a sort of examination of the several specific tactical decisions made in the course of the Battle of Jutland explaining the major differences between the so-called "command climate" the battle fleets under Beatty and under Jellicoe. The description of the actions provided by the author, together with the timeline breakdown, together with the discussion and conclusions relating to the different conflicting timelines and narrative texts put forth have all made this publication to be found very popular among all naval history enthusiasts as well as in the community of professional naval historians. The readers should also note a remarkably thoughtful and careful examination performed by the author of the manner the organizational culture and also the leadership norms in the British Royal Navy shifted at the times of the unchallenged supremacy...

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