The Sea Is My Country - The Maritime World of the Makahs

Author(s)                 Joshua L. Reid
Publisher Yale University Press
Date 2015
Pages 416
Format pdf
Size 5 Mb

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   Joshua L. Reid is a true scholar and educator. Born and raised in Washington State, he is currently a professor at the University of Massachusetts, Boston, and a former middle school teacher with an undergraduate degree from Yale and a Ph.D. from the University of California, Davis. Josh approached the Makah Tribe with his research proposal and requested access to the extensive archival records held by the Makah Cultural and Research Center (MCRC). The proposal was of interest to the Makah Tribe and pertinent to current issues on both the tribal and national levels. His proposal was approved, and he began his inquiries. At the MCRC, he delved into the recordings of our elders who have gone before us. He held interviews with Makah individuals to gather additional details on historic and current Makah practices, events, and perspectives. He researched the written records within our archives; then he travelled—extensively—throughout the U.S. and Canada to track down all he could find relating to Makah control and management of marine space. His research and analysis of this material provide the most comprehensive source of Makah history ever published. As Makahs, we know our ancestors took calculated and heroic measures to protect our water, land, and resources that provide for our way of life. Many of us know the stories of whale and seal hunters, fishermen, and warriors. The descriptions of the battles and alliances with other Tribes, Washington State, the federal government, and Canada are not new to us. Josh's book immortalizes Makah efforts to remain steadfast in our claims to ownership and control of this pivotal Northwestern territory throughout time, while highlighting some of the individuals who played key roles.

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