The Sea Story - Megapack - 30 Classic Nautical Works

Author(s)                 Various Authors
Publisher MegaPack
Date 2015
Pages var.
Format epub
Size 1.2 Mb

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   This excellent collection of the classic sea stories is consisting of thirty most fascinating nautical works that have been written by the world-famous writers including such the great authors as Robert Louis Stevenson, Victor Hugo, Charles Wesley Sanders, Morgan Robertson and Jack London, H. Lovercraft, Frank Norris, H. Tomlinson, Norman Duncan and others. The titles presented in the pack include, for example, "The sea fogs" and "The brain of the battle ship", "The striped chest" and "The cruise of the Shining Light", "The trade-winds" and "Salvage", "The ship that saw a ghost", "Between the millstones", "Primordial", "The Striped Chest" and so many others. A truly excellent collection of marine novels for easy reading. Over past years, the Megapack series has been already found to be very popular among all sea lovers. Thirty works that have been selected for inclusion into this pack are all very interesting and that was the reason of their great popularity among the readers everywhere in the world. We would of course highly recommend this set of books as the nice reading for virtually all categories of marine enthusiasts and all people with the interest in sea adventures. Have a look an you will definitely like all of the novels contained in the pack.

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