The Ultimate Guide to Safety Signs on Ships

Author(s)                 Anish Wankhede, Raunek Kantharia
Publisher MarineInsight
Date 2012
Pages 30
Format pdf
Size 1 Mb

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   Safety signs and symbols are used extensively on board ships to alert crew members to working hazards, escape routes, type of equipment etc. These signs act as a pictorial illustration to help seafarers increase their level of personal safety on ships. Safety signs use a variety of colours and symbols, which have been acknowledged by the regulatory bodies of the shipping industry, to explain different aspects related to the operation and maintenance of the ships. It is imperative that sea going professionals are able to identify and understand the safety signs, as they greatly help in reducing the number of accidents on ships. In order to provide sea going professionals with a concise guide that would help them to identify safety signs quickly and easily, Marine Insight has specially compiled the eBook - "The Ultimate Guide to Safety Signs on Ships". If remembering the meaning of safety signs is a problem for you, then this pocket guide is your best friend. Each and every safety sign and symbol used on ships has been categorized and explained to help seafarers remember the signs in the most effective manner.

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