Tufmon MEV282 Oil Mist Detector Operating Instructions

Author(s)                 Hornet
Publisher Tufmon
Date 2006
Pages 29
Format pdf
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   The Tufmon MEV282... is suitable for 4-stroke diesel engines in the field of power generation or ships propulsion. The system is standard available in 2 versions MEV282203 and 213 with crankcase pressure measurement in 2 ranges, MEV282203 0...25mbar and MEV282213 -25 ... +25mbar. Instead of suction pumps or ventilators the MEV282203 and 213 takes the by blow by pressure initiated gas speed in the crankcase as driving medium to transport the oil mist from the starting point to the optical system in the measuring tube. All various units come together with customer designed measuring tubes type TGL01759. 01862, 01862-1, 01863 and 01863-1. More types may be added if needed. The units have own sensors to collect data. With the help of software the data are combined and analysed to allow fast reactions to give pre-alarms or auto-stop orders to the relevant engine control devices. The following data are collected by the MEV282203 and 213: Oil mist information taken by an optical line mounted in the TGL01XXX which is part of the crankcase ventilation tube, and Crankcase pressure information taken by a sensor placed on the tube or in the tube electronic box. The oil mist information is to be seen as the last barrier. Based on the fact that the oil mist production starts around 250:C. damage on running engine parts has already started.

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