Types of Liquefied Gas Carriers

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Publisher Seamanship International Ltd.
Date 2007
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   This is the Discussion Paper dedicated to the Types of LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) Carriers, prepared by the Shipping International Ltd. It was abbreviated from the Tanker Safety Training (LNG) publication. All gas cargoes can be transported only in a form of a liquid (i.e. neither gas nor even vapor) and, taking into account their physical/chemical properties, they have to be either at pressure greater than atmospheric pressure, or at temperatures below ambient temperature; the third option is in fact a combination of first two. That is why all gas carriers are usually divided in three groups - fully-pressurized, semi-pressurized and refrigerated, and fully refrigerated. However, it shall be noted that the grouping names stated above are mostly used when discussing the types and classes of LPG rather than carriers of natural gas. Take your time and just go through this short but very informative booklet and you will get a good knowledge of the nomenclature of the gas carriers and will be much more familiar with their types, general technical characteristics, descriptions of the construction and equipment, main advantages and disadvantages of the particular type etc. - excellent for training purposes.

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