U-Boats - History, Development and Equipment 1914-1945

Author(s)                 David Miller
Publisher Conway Maritime Press
Date 2000
Pages 2008
Format pdf
Size 202

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   This book looks al the various classes of U-boat and their various weapons and sensors, and at the men who manned them and conducted this very protracted and hard fought campaign. It is divided into four parts: Part One - covers the U-boat in German naval service from the very earliest days, through its first great test in World War I to the clandestine campaign between 1919 and 1935, which was designed to keep U-boat technology and practice alive, despite the terms of the Versailles Treaty. Part Two - covers the major technological areas in the period 1935-1945, including descriptions of the various types of U-boat, their weapons, communications, sensors, and propulsion systems. Part Three - describes the campaigns, the men, their training, the sorry saga of Luftwaffe co-operation, U-boat losses, and the end of the campaign. Appendix at the end of the book is devoted to the U-boats lost at sea in the perioe 1939-1945.

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