This release of the "Risk Focus" publication is specifically dedicated to the power losses. The maritime industry notes the increasing number of the ship engine failures/blackouts. The number of the failures resulted from the power loss eventually led to collection of the relevant data by the risk assessors of the Club; the assessors have subsequently performed a detailed and thorough analysis of about seven hundred claims giving a cause for concern. Quite significant portion of the claims for the third-party damage to the property could actually be attributed to the blackouts or to the ship's main engine failures.

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This is a special consolidated release of the "Risk Focus". This issue specifically highlights the enclosed spaces, the master pilot exchange, power loss and moorings, slips, trips and falls, and mental health. The information contained in this booklet will definitely be practical for the ship crew members, operators and owners in their efforts to reduce the number of accidents happening on board vessels. Apart from focusing on the statistics and listing the major reasons of the shipboard accidents, the authors of this book try to analyze what has happened and what measures shall to be implemented to avoid same things in the future.

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Risk Focus - The Master Pilot Exchange

   Well, the human errors are accounting for nearly sixty percent of total number of the UK P&I Club's claims exceeding 100000 USD. Half-thousand of these claims involved vessels under pilotage. In many cases, the miscommunication on the navigation bridge of the vessel has been considered a major contributing factor. The vast majority of subject incidents include the groundings and collision, personal injuries, allisions and other. Though some overall decrease was noticed in the average cost of these claims, the average annual cost to the UK P&I Club since 1987 is approximately sixteen billion dollars...

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