Unfired Pressure Vessels - The ASME Code Simplified


Robert Chuse
 Publisher F. W. Dodge Corporation
 Date 1960
 Pages 154
 Format pdf
 Size 5.3 Mb

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An excellent guidance to the provisions of the ASME Code. The publication was written by Robert Chuse to assist people who have to apply the ASME Code in their everyday work. Since the very first release of the Code in 1925 it served as very important reference tool design for the designers and manufacturers of the pressure vessels. The specifications that are contained in the ASME Code are governing all types of the unfired pressure vessels. The new edition of the Code contains a huge amount of newly added information. The present publication is intended to pose some specific problems and assists people in finding the information they need. It will also make the application of the subject Code more understandable; the book is also indicating the designs and construction materials that require precautions. The author of this volume strongly hopes that his work will help readers and users of the ASME Code in clarifying their understanding of the Code, encouraging them to take all required precautions when dealing with the order, design and fabrication plus inspection of the pressure vessels covered by the Code. It also includes the data required to answer the numerous question that are asked by the makers of the pressure vessels on quite frequent basis.​

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