Unified Facilities Criteria (UFC) - Design - Moorings

Author(s)                 Naval Facilities Engineering Command
Publisher U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
Date 2012
Pages 196
Format pdf
Size 3.3 Mb

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   Purpose and scope of the publication; Purpose of criteria; Definition; Cancellation; Responsibilities and organizational roles of the parties involved with ship moorings; Various types of ship mooring systems; Examples of fixed vessel moorings; Spud moored floating DD; Shipss on one and on both sides of a peer; Some examples of fleet moorings; Ship at anchor; SPM with drag anchors and with plate anchor and a sinker; Bow-stern, Med- and Spread-mooring; Two inactive vessels being moored at a wharf; Design parameters in a mooring project; Basic mooring design approach, service types, facility design criteria and design considerations; Guidelines for inspections; Maintenance; Idealized models of anchor chain wear; Design recommendations; Static and dynamic environmental forces and moments on vessels; Engineering properties of air and water; Static current forces and moments (including ones applied to multiple ships)...

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