US Navy Course - Quartermaster NAVEDTRA 14338


 Publisher Naval Education and Training
 Date 2013
 Pages 486
 Format pdf
 Size 8.6 Mb

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Another non-resident NAVEDTRA Quartermaster course. The main content is starting with the introduction to navigation providing the enrolled trainees with the required fundamental info directly related to the basic navigation. As quartermasters, seamen are commonly engaged in many various aspects of marine navigation. Subject discipline is looked at as both art and science; it actually means that basic knowledge of math will be considered a must to suffice the navigator's needs, because in the real life there can be no feeling that can ever be compared to knowing in case you form a part of the team responsible for the safe navigation of your vessel. The training material contained in this part of the training volume will enable all trainees to describe the TCS, standing for the "terrestrial coordinate system", dead reckoned track, correctly interpret the symbology of the navigation charts and be able to determine their accuracy, plot the directions and positions, measure the distances, properly describe the CCS, i.e. "chart correction system" and get the nautical charts corrected using information contained in the Notices to Mariners plus, of course, order the charts, label them and stow as per established procedures. References and glossary are there at the end.

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