Warship 2009 - Airpower at Sea

Author(s)                 RINA
Publisher The Royal Institution of Naval Architects
Date 2009
Pages 512
Format pdf
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   RINA International Conference - Warships 2009. This compilation contains of the selected interesting topics that were discussed in the course of the subject conference, for example Aircraft tie-down points for the affordable aircraft carrier - Introduction - Significance - Design approach - Cost savings - Meeting the requirements - Conclusions; Development, design of the rudders/propellers as well as hydrodynamic design of the aircraft carriers of Queen Elizabeth class; Optimizing the ship-air vehicle interface using the simulation method; Frigate aviation of the future; Real options reasoning in defense acquisition; The vessel design challenge of naval UAV (unmanned aerial vehicles). The opening topic was dedicated to the development of the world famous aircraft carriers, meaning the ones belonging to the "Queen Elizabeth" class. The corresponding paper presented at the conference, provided the participants of the event with brief but thorough technical description of the key aspects of the advances involved, and also describes the associated alliance arrangements. The shipbuilding strategy applied in that case did involved the construction of the big fully outlined blocks at different locations throughout the country; subject blocks were then transferred to Rosyth for assembly and integration...​

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