What A Marine Surveyor Needs To Know About Working In Enclosed Spaces

Author(s)                 Capt. Michael Lloyd, Adam Allan
Publisher International Institute of Marine Surveying
Date 2015
Pages 68
Format pdf
Size 2.4 Mb

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   This book has been produced by Mines Rescue Marine (MRM) at the request of the International Institute of Marine Surveying. It serves as a technical reference for Surveyor personnel involved in entering enclosed spaces on ships for inspection purposes. I am confident that it will provide invaluable help for them to fully appreciate the potential hazards that an enclosed space may contain, or that might be generated by an inadequate entry procedure. The apparently simple operation, to enter, inspect and /or undertake work in an enclosed space, requires consideration of all available information relating to the space. This might be physical parameters, or procedural in the form of ship's rules, company guidance and details of a readily available emergency response. The professional manner in which this information is assimilated and assessed by the Surveyor prior to him attempting entry will reduce considerably the risk of the unexpected and avoid catastrophe! The advice and guidance contained here is based upon the considerable experience of MRM personnel operating and training others to work in such spaces in various industries. Equipment and techniques outlined here have been well tried and tested in real applications. Fatal accidents arising from work in enclosed spaces on ships continue to occur all too frequently. Do not let this happen to yourself. If in any doubt, there are others available who can provide advice to ensure your safety...

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