Wilhelmsen Fuel and Lube Oil Test Methods

Author(s)                 Wilhelmsen Ships Service
Publisher Wilhelmsen Ships Service
Date 2011
Pages 27
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   This is an official reference document that was worked out by the professionals of Wilhelmsen and released by the company in order to provide the best technical description of the available methods for testing the fuel oil and lubricating. It also provides some basic theoretical information, explaining what exactly the TBN, i.e. the Total Base Number is and how it shall be determined - this can be achieved by means of taking measurements of the pressure build-up occurring in the cell at the time when some pre-determined quantity of oil sample is being added to a special reagent. Then, the amount of sample required by the cell measurement processor is to be determined; and  this amount bases on the expected Total Base Number. When this instrument is used for the very first time, please take into account that it is absolutely necessary to calibrate it for each of the measured oil grades. The cell is able to hold the calibration information for up to seven different grades of oil. It is recommended to use the name of the oil grade the "Name" in the process of setting-up the cell. Note that you will have to re-calibrate the cell every half a year. The calibration could be checked by using new oil in the Total Base Number test procedure, in place of the one used. The'test'TBN should be close to the new oil TBN.

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