WindObserver II (WindObserver FC) Ultrasonic Anemometer User Manual

Author(s)                 Gill Instruments Ltd
Publisher Gill Instruments Ltd
Date 2007
Pages 33
Format PDF
Siz 1 Mb

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   The Gill WindObserver II (WindObserver FC) wind sensor is a very robust, lightweight unit with no moving parts, outputting wind speed and direction. The units of wind speed, output rate and formats are all user selectable. The WindObserver II (WindObserver FC) is supplied with de-icing heating (recommended if icing is likely). The WindObserver II (WindObserver FC) can be used in conjunction with a PC, data logger or other device, provided it is compatible with the RS422 output. The output message format is configured in Polar. NMEA (0183 Version 3); Continuous output, other formats can be configured as detailed in Section 7 Message Formats & Options. WindObserver II (WindObserver FC) may be configured using standard communications software on a PC. This is explained in Section 8 Configuring... 

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