Working guide to Pump and Pumping Stations Calculations and Simulations

Author(s)                 E. Shashi Menon
Publisher Gulf Professional Publishing
Date 2010
Pages 304
Format pdf
Size 22.2 Mb

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   This book is intended to cover the technical description of pumps as well as pumping stations used in liquid transporting pipelines. It will be a good working guide for technicians and engineers dealing with centrifugal pumps in oil, water, petroleum, water and process industries. You will be introduced to the pumps theory and how these pumps are applied to different practical situations using various examples of simulations without any deep and extensive math analysis. Among the most important topics covered there are pump performance, pressure loss through piping systems, liquid properties vs pump performance, pump economics and applications, and others. In his book the author, Shashi Menon, discusses various technical aspects of pump application that are used in the piping arrangement for transportation of liquids. The book gives some introduction to the theory of pumps and pump systems and shows the readers how pumps are usually applied to the numerous practical situations - the theoretical part of the book is supplemented with some informative examples and is free of any too extensive mathematical analysis that would make the book much more difficult to read and understand.

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