Working On the Car Trailer Deck

Author(s)                 Collective
Publisher Danish Maritime Occupational Health Service
Date 2004
Pages 15
Format pdf
Size 6.4 Mb

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   In this document, you can see what the national maritime representatives have agreed on and what they recommend as best practice once it comes to working on the ship's trailer deck. The reason for publishing this sector specific guidance is that dangerous situations can arise when aboard a RoRo vessel. Working on the trailer deck can be especially risky because of industrial accidents and, more importantly, due to the damage to health. However, current legislation does not include any specific guidelines aimed at preventing injury while on duty on the trailer deck. This guidance focuses mainly on working on the trailer deck. It only makes passing reference to ventilation installations since these are basically described in the IMO's MSC circular 729 of 4th July 1996. This guidance was submitted to the Danish Maritime Authority and their comments have been included in the text.

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