Working With Tugs

Author(s)                 Alan Palmer
Publisher Videotel
Date 2008
Pages 49
Format pdf
Size 4.3 Mb

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   In port, you are often working in a restricted space with limited room for manoeuvre, whilst long-distance offshore tows have their own special problems. The loads and forces involved in towing are also high. Add to this the unpredictability of weather, tide and sea conditions and it is clear that towing can be a very dangerous operation. It is essential, therefore, to minimise risks by ensuring good operational procedures by everybody involved - by Masters, bridge team officers and deck crew, as well as Pilots and the Masters and crew of tugs. This guide is designed to help you work with tugs in the safest way possible. It is not a comprehensive guide as to how to work with tugs, but deals primarily with the safety issues involved. This video film is to be used as the supplement.

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