Workshop Processes, Practices and Materials

Author(s)                 Bruce J. Black
Publisher Elsevier Science
Date 2004
Pages 341
Format pdf
Size 55.6 Mb

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   I have written this book to cover the objectives of the Technician Education Council standard units Workshop processes and materials, for students of mechanical/production engineering, industrial measurement and control, and polymer technology, and Materials and workshop processes for students of electronic, telecommunication, and electrical engineering. These two units contain a great deal of common material, and by covering them both 1 hope that the book will be useful to a larger number of students and teaching staff. From my own experience I have found the content of these units too great to be covered in the design length of 60 hours while still leaving time for adequate practical involvement by the student, which can best be carried out under the guidance of the lecturer. In writing this book, my aim has been to set out in detail the theoretical aspects of each topic, with appropriate line illustrations, in the hope that, by using the book as a course text and for assignments, more time can be spent by the student in practical work where machines and equipment can be demonstrated, handled, and used. Questions at the end of each chapter are directly related to the chapter content as a means of reinforcing the learning process. An extensive coverage of health and safety has been included, as I feel very strongly that anyone involved in an industrial environment should develop a responsible awareness of the hazards which could affect not only his own health and safety but also that of his fellow workers. Although specifically written for the TEC standard units, the content is also suitable for the syllabus requirements of the GCE ordinary-level examinations in Engineering workshop theory and practice and Engineering workshop practice, as well as a considerable amount of first-year work in the higher national diploma in mechanical engineering.

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