The present interesting, useful and practical publication which is hereby offered to you is presenting the high-quality professional up-to-date reviews topics that are directly relating to the matters of the biology of the seabass; all subject information was compiled by one of the world-recognized and truly leading experts having a truly extensive brilliant knowledge of the seabass.

The present volume will be covering the issues of ecology/biology of the different sea basses and recent findings in the field of physiology, biology together with the behavior of this species. The main content of this document has been arranged in two major section. The first section addresses the general ecology and biology, dealing with these important aspects as bio-clock and dualism, and distribution of Dicentrarchus labrax.

The second half of the title has been mostly dedicated to the behavior, pathology, and physiology matters, and covers the melatonin rhythms, foraging behavior, pathology itself, responses to stressors, regulation of the food intake, dietary/nutrition selection, neuroanatomical approach, larval culture plus other associated topics. What we would for sure say is that this book is highly recommended to all persons with serious interest in the marine biology, because of the amount and quality of the information contained.

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Today, we know that there is an incresingly high interest in the DOM, standing for the dissolved organic matter, and the reason is mostly because DOM plays one of the critically important roles in both global and oceanic cycling of carbon, which directly impacts weather. The primary goal of professionals in the fields of oceanography and marine biogeochemistry over the past decades was to properly understand all underlying processes of occurring during the transformations of carbon, nitrogen, phosphorus and other major chemical elements in the ocean waters.

The publication is arranged in sixteen chapters containing nearly two hundred informative figures and data tables, valuable reports on the major technological advances in the subject area, made by a group of experienced and world recognized pros in oceanography. Moreover, in it focusing on the major role that DOM plays in elemental cycling, and this is actually the area with a great informational demand.

Denniss Hansell and Craig Carlson did a remarkably good job in covering, in a single volume, literally all important aspects of the biogeochemistry of marine DOM and also providing a truly comprehensive review and introducing all important key issues, that made the present title maybe the best and definitely most up-to-date of those available today.

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We all know that the ice is deservedly considered a potentially serious obstacle to any vessel, and even to an ice-breaker, and really experienced ice navigators develop a healthy respect to the whole strength and power of ice presented in any form.

The present handbook was prepared by the BIMCO specialists and officially released by this organization with the ultimate aim to make readers a bit more conscious of the benefits and actual necessity of preparations to be done before they can commit themselves to undertaking a voyage that may bring their vessel into the waters covered by ice.

Note that this manual is not an attempt to cover all important areas of navigation in the iced waters, but it still aims to provide mariners with the elementary general guidance on all intricacies commonly involved in trading in such conditions. The publication is mainly expected to be used by navigators as a sort of quick reference tool and that is the reason why it shall be readily available to all people directly engaged in chartering well before they direct the ship into waters where ice might be present at the time of the intended passage.

The volume starts with the Captain's Checklist followed by the information covering different regions. In short, the volume contains lots of specific and very valuable information that will be of great use for all people navigating through icy waters.

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Some twenty years ago, a simple questionnaire was issued by the North of England P&I Association asking for their practical experiences related to the issue of the Bills of Lading together with the subsequent delivery of the cargoes against them. The answers received were analyzed and revealed numerous specific problems setting the recurring theme, namely the disagreements between the shore and ship's figures, pressure on the ship master to issue clean document, agents signing the bills of lading with no reference to the receipts from the mate or exceeding their authority, and requests for the cargo delivery with no original bill of lading produces.

The present guide starts with some brief introductory information about the bills of lading. In most of the international transactions where the cargoes are to be transported by sea, the seller promises to do two major things - the first thing is to place the goods on board a vessel, and the second thing is to provide all commercial documents that are required by the contract in place - and the central of those documents is commonly the bill of lading. The Master of the vessel describes the apparent order and condition of the cargo received on board. In some cases the Master is pressed to hide the information that would make the bill of lading look less attractive to the buyers...

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Here is the fourth edition of the world popular publication providing a straightforward guidance to the complexities and most important nuances of deals that are done under the documentary credit system and describing the law that applies to this subject. So many new forms of trade and associated documents have been forces since the very first edition of this book was released in 1990.

There has been so much development in the maritime law since that time. In fact, today the problems are not the same as they were at the time of the initial release of this publication. We can say that nowadays the documentary system itself is in the sort of crisis and is actually losing the popularity when compared to the other payment forms. For the present release of the book the author has tried to take a lesson from UCP 600 and remove the material not necessary.

This has resulted in the removal of most of the long quotations from judgments and inclusion of the full UCP test together with some statutory information into appendices. The entire book has also been restructured and is not a bit longer that the previous release. The book now is primarily dedicated to the documentary credits and associated documentation so the author did his best not to stray far from the main topic.

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The present training course program has been developed for marine engineers and ship deck officers who are involved in the management and day-to-day operation and maintenance of the BWT, i.e. bilge water treatment systems on board marine vessels. The declared purpose of this program is to update the technical knowledge of the existing relevant regulations and treatment techniques relating to the bilge water.

The authors of the course have particularly emphasized numerous practical exercises on the management/operation of bilge water in order to demonstrate the expertise and due understanding of both treatment and disposal of bilge water. Among the topics covered within this publication there are oily water treatment techniques, monitoring systems, applicable regulations, PSC inspection, correct management of the oil record book and other important aspects.

The main objective of the present training course is to upgrade the relevant technical skills and knowledge of the learners. Trainees who have completed this training would be able to explain the fundamental principles of MARPOL Annex I, understand the methods of physical and chemical bilge water treatment, correctly fill in the ORB, explain how PSC inspections are done, and know the role and attitude of the seafarers in preventing the pollution.

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An excellent title providing all readers with quite absorbing look at the life on aboard the sailing ships of the past times, namely those plying the North Atlantic area during the French colonial era. Gilles Proux, the author of this brilliant volume, has mainly been focusing on the first half of the XVIII century and the historical period including the Seven Years' War, analyzing four main aspects of the crossing, namely the maritime shipping traffic and the outfitting of the ships, people of these times together with their occupations, the Atlantic course and ship navigation, and life aboard the vessels.

Combined together, they all making a truly fascinating picture of the sea life. When preparing this publication, the author has used the official correspondence between the Canadian authorities and the Minister of marine, plus the valuable historical documents that have been seized on the ships, personal diaries of the seamen and official log-books, in order to get all required details on the shipboard experience.

In addition to that, numerous photographic images have been included in the volume to better illustrate that exciting period in the history of Canada. The content of this perfectly compiled volume will be very highly rated by all people interesting in the subject.

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We understand that all ship managers are under pressure which is constantly increasing. The charter rates are coming down due to the overcapacities in the market of today. This makes the operators fight for the cargo and reduce the fuel cost which is one of the main blocks.

It appears that the ship operators have to sit somewhere in the middle and face the necessity to gain the management contracts while trying to maintain reasonable fees. However, the requirements on liability of the ships are also to be taken into consideration as necessary. We wish to invite our reader, industry professionals and anyone interested in the shipping industry to check these best practice against their operations and get some new and fresh ideas of the potential improvement areas.

The publication comprises different approaches, business models and procedures that are in use by ship managers in order to make their business safer, more efficient and more friendly to the environment. First chapter of the book provides a management view on the best practice; the following chapters are focusing on the best practice in crewing, technical and financial management, quality and safety management, and procurement. The methodology and the importance of ICT have also been highlighted in this booklet. 

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