This is the official electronic release of the best and mostly-used version of the ISSA (standing for the International Ship Suppliers and Services Association) ship stores catalogue developed by the company pros in 2013. The program will work on all versions of the Windows system without any problem and note that it does not need any patches or codes, i.e. you will not have to pay anything for its installation or further use.

The system requirements are minimal. No viruses inside. Install and use. This product catalogue is world recognized as an excellent working tool for storing marine ships. The users will wind absolutely everything there, from tea-spoons to the anchor - more than thirty-five thousand items, including crew protection equipment, deterrence equipment, access control, catering equipment, vessel tracking equipment. The present version of the catalogue is the one most popular among people involved in ship supply activities.

Definitely recommended for shipping companies, marine superintendents and all other supply personnel willing to perform their job in the best way and have their vessels in the most quality and economic manner. Moreover, a very good training tool for those who need to have better knowledge of the marine terminology and ship stores nomenclature.   

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The present compendium of files contains all technical documents presented and discussed during the Seventeenth Ship & Offshore Structures Congress held in South Korea some years ago in 2009. It consists of the proceedings of eight specialist committees dealing with the damage assessment after accidental events, fabrication technology, utilization of the ocean wind-and-wave energy, floating production systems, naval ship design, sailing yacht design, condition assessment of aged ships, impulsive pressure loading and response assessment.

The second part of the volume contains eight documents corresponding to the technical committees covering the environment, the loads,  quasi-static and dynamic response, ultimate strength, fatigue, fracture, design principles and applicable criteria, design methods. As everyone may see from the above list of the topics that have been addressed during the event, the information included in this set of technical papers is very valuable and practical so we believe that it would be very beneficial to all marine industry professionals to go through all of them to get updated with the recent scientific developments and researches, especially taking into consideration that all articles have been prepared by the world recognized industry experts.

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The present guidebook was prepared to provide the best and effective safety practices on proper operation of the tank barges as well as terminals; the intention of the authors was also to embrace the control philosophy based on a risk awareness. We know how critical safety is to the tanker shipping industry of today.

The authors also hope that this book will serve as a standard reference source that would be used when working on the safe operation of both inland barges and terminals. The publication is therefore kept updated with the latest technological developments and relevant legislation. We would like to emphasize that all recommendations provided in the pages of the present volume are to be thoroughly read and clearly understood.

The ultimate purpose of the volume is to improve safety of marine transportation of dangerous cargoes at the interface of the barges with terminals or other ships. It shall be noted that this publications is not intended to replace or amend the existing legal instruments, it is rather to provide the shipping industry with some valuable additional guidance not considered a part of any legal requirements. The book will also provide the personnel involved in the above mentioned operations with the operational advice and description of how exactly tanker and terminal operations are usually carried out.

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The international maritime industry of today is being challenged by so many important factors, one of them being the fall—out from the current economic crisis causing the rippling effects; we shall also take into close consideration the global warming effect with all scientific impacts involved, as well as the direction in which today's shipping industry shall move to decrease negative impact of the air emissions another factor to be considered is rising cost of energy and shortage of the manpower experienced elsewhere — of course, these factors will not disappear in the nearest future and shall therefore be paid attention.

This problem cannot be fixed immediately, and the participants of the shipping industry have to get the vessels manned with better rained and adjusted personnel having all required internship at sea. It shall be noted that safety and security, as well as the environmental credentials of shipping and whole future sustainability of the maritime industry totally depend on developing of the capable and effective manpower resources. It is quite obvious that development and training of the manpower and all other issues connected with human resources will become one of the most serious challenges faced by the industry...

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Today, pumps are quite commonly encountered in the industry and are actually considered essential equipment required to proper and smooth running of so many various technical systems. It is quite usual for all mechanical engineers making their first steps in this industry to possess little to no practical experience with the pumping arrangements and problems that are commonly associated with their operation and maintenance.

It is critically important for them to build up a proper understanding of the design of the pumps and pumping systems as well as of their operation. The publication tackles all above mentioned aspects in a very readable way, drawing on the long professional experience of the author. Though formally the book is dedicated to the centrifugal pumps, actually its content is covering all other types of pumps.

That is why it could be recommended to all people involved in operation and maintenance of different pump arrangements as it will definitely serve as an excellent resource for troubleshooting. The present volume has been written by hands-on people and the material contained in it has been presented in quite plain language, making it easy to understand even to non-professionals. A truly must-have one for both operating and maintenance staff.

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This book does not require any formal exposure to the practical grammar of English language. It was designed and released with the intention to provide all learners of English with some basic grammar foundation. This publication will serve other students as a review or reference tool. It takes a very practical approach and does not focus on definitions and rules. It studies how English words work and what they do in sentences.

The authors made their best to present material an easy and step-by-step format. As the readers/students move through this book, they gain a good and thorough understanding of the basic principles of the English language. Gabriele Stobbe, who is the author of the book, uses fun and informative illustrations together with the colourful diagrams and schemes for easier learning of the very essential grammar points. as a result, this publication will definitely give readers proper understanding of the parts of speech and teach how to use them.

The book is written very well and the concept used by the author is truly well-thought. It is also very useful and practical for people willing to build up their vocabulary, refresh their grammar skills or just get to know something new.

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When Japan joined the World War Two in December of 1941, the IJN - Imperial Japanese Navy - was made up of old 5500-ton light cruisers. The newest of them were three ships of Sendai class commissioned in 1925. The 10000-ton Tone and Mogami classes of cruisers had been designed secretly with 6-inch main armament in triple or 8-inch main guns in double turrets (they could be changed over), and this allowed them to be converted into heavy cruisers.

The two Tone-class and four Mogami-class ships were modified and entered the War as part of the Imperial Japanese Navy heavy cruiser force... This publication shall be treated as an excellent companion to Wayne Patton's volume on the Japanese heavy cruisers of the Second World War, offering the readers comprehensive and perfectly illustrated overview. The tonnage of the vessels addressed n the present document varies between 5500 and 1000.

Those vessels had a truly distinctive look - they were narrower and longer in comparison to their American counterparts. The cruisers were armed with the famous and deadly "Long Lace" torpedoes and were considered extremely dangerous opponents at sea. The content of the book provides an interesting and informative text summarizing the design matters and service life of each class of the Japanese light cruisers accompanies by many images and artwork...

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In this interesting historical title released by Squadron/Signal Pub. Compiled by Wayne Patton and perfectly colored by Don Greer, the famous IJN heavy cruisers that served during the Second World War have been addressed. The readers will find lots of interesting technical information including figures and sketches plus photos of those heavy cruisers. Following famous classes of Japanese heavy cruisers have been described in detail - Yubari, Furutaka, Tone, Aoba, Mogami, Takao, Myoko.

The heavy cruisers of the IJN were truly fascinating with their massive pagoda-like superstructures; there were speedy and armed with the "Long Lace" torpedoes. They have established a brilliant "heavy hitter"-reputation during their action throughout the whole Second World War. The present title should supplement another publication by Wayne Patton, dedicated to the Japanese light cruisers serving in the historical period covered.

Following the same approach to the layout and content of the book, this volume offers its readers a really huge amount of technical info that includes images, data tables, line drawings and informative text descriptions. One of the most informative titles about the Japanese naval warfare of that times.

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