The present publication was created wit the ultimate intention of the author, William Longyard, to try and reach back through five centuries in order to gather an excellent collection of the interesting and fascinating sea adventures. The main heroes of these stories are watercrafrs, staring from the small sailboats and canoes.

Among the prominent seafarers of the past and their vessels covered in the publication there are kite-powered kayak boat of Ed Giller, then you will read about the Gladys Gradely's attempt to be the very first woman to sail across the Atlantic Ocean on her own and with no help, Hugo Vihlen crossing the ocean in the small, just six-foot sail boat named April Fool, and many other stories, each of them will for sure be of interest to all sea enthusiasts.

The book is great as it shows, on the basis of the experience of its heroes, that the oceans can actually be crosses by people who dare. This book will teach you something you may not find in other publications dedicated to the marine history. In fact, very limited number of the reference publications will make for such riveting and fascinating reading, that is why you' better take this one and have a close look inside, you will not get disappointed.

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The present edition of the Manual has been significantly revised and its content has been seriously updated in order to keep it in line with the latest happenings in the field. It now includes all materials of the Rules of the Road that shall be learnt by heart by all people preparing to sit for the Board of Trade exams.

The seamanship itself is treated as the art of handling a vessel together with all equipment and crew members, including the navigation and pilotage matters, procedures for the ship anchoring, cargo gear arrangements, collision avoidance, etc. The theoretical basis of for the seamanship lies in physics and mathematics.

In the real life, nerve and professional judgment and, what is most importance, the practical experience are making the capable seamen. Numerous informative illustrations have been added to the text of this updated release of the volume, plus photographs.

This little yet quite comprehensive book may serve as the introductory one for the beginners and in fact it is not pretending to complete their education or supersede their practical training. In short, seven major parts of the book cover the ship construction, ropes and splicing, rigging and anchoring arrangements, sail making, fore-and-aft sailing, mechanical appliances, signaling and other relevant information.

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The present software has been specifically developed by the BP professionals intending to prepare an absolutely essential and very functional instrument to be used for getting the marine distances, i.e. distances between various marine ports, as well as the relevant routing information.

The developers of this program used the latest available information. Using this software, the crew members can easily calculate the distance from one sea port to another; the routing can be set manually and is fully adjustable. You are free to lead the vessel using any routes. The ETA can also be calculated. The output of the information can be done in form of the table, image and even printed directly. The program will be of great practical use for the ship navigators for both training and real work applications.

The program will work on all Windows systems from XP to the latest releases, and the system requirements are actually minimal. We would highly recommend this software for all mariners - the students can use it for training while professional navigators will definitely appreciate its practicability and ease of use.

This is one of the most popular and famous marine programs which does not need any special introduction. Just download and start using.

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The version 1.1 of the electronic product catalogue developed and released by IMPA. Subject software was specifically prepared for the people involves in supplying ships and recommended to them since it provides a huge number of various marine stores. It is mostly intended to be used on board vessels.

This program allows users to search by either by product code or by name. Most of the products are provided with explanations and images which makes using this catalogue much easier and quicker. The ever-growing content of the publication was coupled with all latest technological advances. For years, this catalogue provides all people involved in commercial shipping industry with the product information, relevant technical specifications, comparison tables and illustrations, serving as a perfect reference tool.

The present release has been significantly updated and revised, thousands of new codes have been added, reflecting all changing demands of the shipping industry, including welfare items, some anti-piracy products and taking into consideration the regulations related to the nautical equipment - it all makes the catalogue a very good tool for use by the professionals as well as for training. 

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We are hereby offering our users one of the latest releases of one of the most popular ans world famous ship simulators available today. This training software has been developed and released by Reality Twist GmbH; the software proved to be fully compatible with all versions of Windows operating system, up to and including Windows 8.

The users will be offered a good choice of four interface languages, namely - English, French, German, and Spanish. A couple of words about the system requirements for this program. The present program required your desktop or laptop to possess a minimum of 4 Gb RAM and 3+ Gb of free space on the hard drive in order to function properly and run without any lags. You will be given an opportunity to sail away... You have to go to the sea because you are a part of the Rescue Team.

The users are free to join many interesting rescue operations, fire-fighting activities, saving people in more than twenty different missions. Just choose your vessel and the area in the North or Baltic Sea, turn on the radio and start. The simulator is very interesting to use, it is just a game; however, the choice of the tasks being assigned to the player is impressive and will definitely require some knowledge.

We would recommend it to everyone who is interested in marine operations, handling the vessels and boats, and performing various tasks - treat it as some sort of practice.

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This technical Dictionary offered to you today is a truly excellent reference offering readers huge amount of useful info in a very convenient, so easy-to-use and quick-find format. The publication will for sure be of great at use to the students, industry professionals, teacher, writers or just general readers as it will assist them all gaining proper understanding of all fundamental ideas and key concepts of various engineering areas.

The team of authors used a simple and very clear way, using the language which will be easily understandable to the general readers, not only to the industry pros; in the meantime, this book is comprehensive and thorough enough for the advanced students and even scientists. This second edition of the Dictionary was updated and now contains about eighteen thousand entries, including abbreviations/acronyms, gives correct pronunciation for all terms contained, covers so many topics including mechanical engineering, building, industrial and civil engineering, electrical engineering, acoustics, control systems, systems engineering and others.

The publication may also be used when preparing to the PE examination as mechanical engineer. There is an appendix providing some additional information and useful data.   

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This excellent and easy read will tell people about the incredible ocean journey. On first of April, 2009 young, just 23-year old Sarah Outen did embark on a very ambitious four-thousand-mile solo voyage straight across the totally unpredictable and dangerous Indian Ocean in the rowing boat "Dippers".

She had to negotiate wild storms, encounters with whales and even real threat of being capsized by the passing vessels. It took her hundred and twenty-four days of physical exertion which eventually resulted in the loss of 20 kg, two broken oars and five hundred eaten chocolate bars to set three Guinness World Records...

The narrative text part of the publication is very readable even to the people outside the marine world; all the insight and really remarkable so the volume is highly recommended to everyone. Have a look in this book and maybe Sarah's experience will change your mind and make you undertake your own voyage!

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According to the reviews submitted by the readers from different places of the planet, this is a very enjoyable and interesting reading; the publication will give you a completely different view of the Somali pirates than is usually shown in Hollywood movies. It is a moving story based on the absolutely real facts.

The story is well-told with no excessive distractions. Captain Phillips has managed to bring the seriously growing pirate threat to life. Read this one, we do recommend it to all people as it is something unusual. The book tells its readers the genuine life-and-death drama of the Captain of Maersk Alabama merchant American flagged ship.

An excellent and fascinating story of courage and adventure, providing the truly intimate details of the death threats, escape attempt, unbearable heat and everything else he had to face. With great respect to the Captain...

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