Adhesives in Marine Engineering

Author(s) Jan R. Weitzenbock
Publisher Woodhead Publishing
Date 2012
Pages 226
Format pdf
Size 2.3 Mb







As it is implied by the title of this book, it is mainly dedicated to the various adhesives used in the field of marine engineering. This type of bonding is one of the established practical methods of joining slowly gaining the broader and broader acceptance in ship construction and offshore engineering mainly because of the benefits it offers, such as the lack of hotwork, ability to join very thin plates etc.

This publication is primarily intended to provide users with a rigorous treatment of the related subject focusing on practical applications and was written for the practicing engineers. The author has paid particular attention to the adhesively bonded joints transferring loads together with associated moments and also having a structural function; note that the publication does not deal with the thin films adhesion like hard coatings.

Several very important aspects of the application of the adhesives are addressed, including selection and pre-design of the adhesives, requirements applicable to the bonded connections and various examples of application of such connections in marine ships and offshore structures, assessing durability and moisture resistance and predicting possible failure of the joints, determination of various properties of the adhesive bonding arrangements by means of testing, and several other important technical aspects.

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