Battery reference book

Author(s) T. R. Crompton
Publisher Newnes
Date 2000
Pages 800
Format pdf
Size 27 Mb







This is the third edition of one of the most popular and useful publications related to the batteries. Considering the incredibly fast and steady growth of the manufacturing industry, it is understandable why the interest and demand for the safe and efficient batteries has grown, correspondingly.

The author of this reference book has made a successful attempt to collect the technical information available today on the different battery types in a single volume, which would be of great practical use for the people dealing with the batteries in the course of their day to day work.

After the introduction, some good and easy to understand guidelines have been provided on how to select the battery, followed with the section on the characteristics of the commonly used batteries, from lead acid, nickel and silver batteries to mercury, lithium, manganese, water-activated and so many others – literally all of them are covered.

Then, the readers will proceed to the general theoretical essentials and design of the batteries, together with evaluation of their performance. The next section of the volume is devoted to the applications of the different type of batteries. After that, you will receive good tips on the charging of the batteries, as well as the primary battery suppliers.

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