Centrifugal Pumps

Author(s) Johann Friedrich Gulich
Publisher Springer
Date 2014
Pages 1116
Format pdf
Size 32 Mb







The pumps, including centrifugal type pumps, and their systems are widely presented in ship hull systems. What it actually means is that every single industry professional dealing with the pump design must possess a very good theoretical knowledge and fully understanding of their working principles. But note that is not enough, and they shall also be familiar with all practical applications of pumps together with the main engineering correlations for flow phenomena.

This volume is mainly intended to be used by pump designers and ship crew members involved in day-to-day operation/maintenance of various pumping arrangements. The chapters of this publication cover such interesting and important topics as various pump types and their performance data, fluid dynamic principles, physical concepts and pump hydraulics, various performance characteristics, part-load operation, cavitation and suction capability, design of the various hydraulic components, issues connected with the vibration and noise, hydraulic forces, pump operation, general characteristics of turbine operation, selection of materials exposed to high flow velocities, medium influence, selection of pump and associated quality considerations, and pump testing. Definitely useful publication for the crew members as well as people willing to get some basic knowledge of pumping technology and systems.

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