Diesel Engine Transient Operation

Author(s) Constantine D. Rakopoulos
Publisher Springer
Date 2009
Pages 390
Format pdf
Size 7.5 Mb







The present publication is actually intended to present the critically important findings in the field of diesel engine operation, together with the special attention of the author being paid to the exhaust emission arrangements and methods to improve the transient response. In addition to what is stated above, the exhaust emission measurement and distribution of the particle size have also been covered within the discussion of the major experimental techniques.

The publication provides all readers with the professional and thorough discussion of all dynamic and thermodynamic phenomena being experienced by diesel engines at the time of the increased load, during acceleration or cold start as well as during the transient cycle. The book starts with the information relating to the critically influential turbocharger lag issue; moreover, the thorough analysis conducted by the author is covering a really wide range of topics, and the list would include transfer of heat, fuel combustion, supply of the air and friction.

Bearing in mind the amount and quality of the technical info and data included by the author in his publication, we could definitely recommend this one to all technical personnel directly involved in the operation of the diesel engines as well as to the students of engineering.

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